Festival Agenda


Wednesday 18 May (1st day) – Heraklion

10:00           Opening of the festival and visit and tour of the poets at the archeological site of Knossos (International Museum Day) – Reading of poems by the invited poets.

18:00           Main event of the festival  at the garden of MIkro Ergastiri, Herakles 90, Herakleion (Μικρό Εργαστήρι, Ηρακλή 90, Ηράκλειο)  with the participation of local poets, reading clubs, art magazines and residents. There will be a speech by the General Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic and a speech by Mrs. Mara Panagiotaki on the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.



Thursday 19 May (2nd day) Heraklion – Rethymnon

10:00           Poets’ visit to schools in Heraklion and Rethymno – recitations of poems by all invited poets and students writing poetry (poems of students have already been translated into English).

The students will present their writing, questions and all school activities on literature and books. Discussion between students and poets.

18:00           Visit of the poets and tour at the archeological site of Eleftherna – Recitation of poems.




Friday 20 May (3rd day) – Rethymno

10:00           Visit at the University of Crete (Department of Literature of the Philosophical School of Rethymno) – Presentation of poets, recitation of poems and keynote speech of the General Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic.

The event is divided into (3) poetry sections: a) Poetry and open civil society, b) Poetry and performing arts and c) Poetry and creative writing with the participation of invited poets, Professors, students at university schools and school students of Rethymno. The whole event will be based on the open discussion between the audience and the poets.

18:30           Event with the Theatrical Group “Antivaro” of Rethymnon – a theater performance and a short film about ‘mantinada’ will be presented, recitations by foreign and Cretan poets.

We will present the dialogue of the poets Aeschylus and Euripides from the “Frogs” of Aristophanes with English hyper titles adapted by the Theatrical Group “Antivaro” of Rethymno. The poets will also present poetry performances exclusively for the festival, poetry slam and other forms of expression and creation.



Saturday 21 May (4th day) -Rethymno

12:00           Visit to the Byzantine Monastery of Agia Irini at Rethymno – guided tour to the historical heirlooms of the monastery, monastic meal and recitation of poems by the invited poets in the sanctuary of the monastery.


17:00           Official event in Anogia. In collaboration with the Municipality of Anogia (with the determining contribution of Loudovikos of Anogia), we will present the poetry of the invited poets and the poetry of the ‘mantinada’ in the “Land of the Shepherd”. Local ‘mantinada’ composers and musicians will guide us through the history of Crete, the value of oral tradition and the valiance of the people. There will be speeches, recitations, readings, music, and open discussion between all those different cultures.